Commercial and Industrial Electrical Property Maintenance



testing fuse board cabinet



The reliability of your electrical systems is critical to your success. 

We offer comprehensive property maintenance services for commercial and industrial properties in Surrey, ensuring that your electrical infrastructure operates safely, efficiently, and reliably day in and day out.


Examples of Commercial and Industrial Electrical Property Maintenance:

Electrical Panel Inspections and Upgrades

Regular inspections and upgrades of electrical panels to ensure they can handle the electrical load and comply with current safety standards.

Lighting Maintenance

Cleaning, bulb replacement, and fixture repairs to ensure proper illumination throughout your facility and enhance safety and productivity.

HVAC System Maintenance

Inspection and servicing of HVAC electrical components, including motors, compressors, and control systems, to maintain indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Emergency Lighting Testing

Regular testing and maintenance of emergency lighting systems to ensure compliance with safety regulations and provide illumination during power outages.

Power Quality Analysis

Monitoring and analysis of power quality to identify and mitigate issues such as voltage fluctuations, harmonics, and power factor problems that can affect equipment performance and reliability.



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